Saturday, February 9, 2008

Work Recap

My first week at work went really well. Everyone was very friendly and gave me a warm welcome. I was given an overview of the different systems they use and then was given the rest of the week to read and ease into learning all their systems. They use an application that a lot of universities are using called Banner. It's Oracle based, which they have running on a UNIX server. The user interface is web based, but they run extracts and reports by using SQL Plus scripts on the UNIX box and use VI for an editor (which I know really well). Our department basically is support for the Banner application, adding new users, running/creating reports, implementing new modules of Banner not yet utilized, automating a lot of their manual processes, etc, you get the idea. I think I'm really suited for the job, even though I won't be doing much developing (code writing) I'll still be using my developer skills.

Friday we picked up lunch at a really good bbq place in Havensight. I need to get their name and number. They take to go orders over the phone and several of us put in an order and then went to pick it up. Most of the week everyone is busy and just eats lunch at their desk, but Friday was more laid back and it was nice to having lunch with the whole group.

Jay goes to work before me and gets off after me, so it works out nice with just having one car. I drop him off, go to work, then when I get off, I go pick him up. There is a pretty cool restaurant/bar at the marina where he works, so if he has to work over a little bit to finish up a job, I have a cool place to hang out to wait.

Yesterday Jay had to work so I just hung out at the apartment. I went for a really nice walk down to Brewers Bay beach, then up a really big hill and then back to the University. It was 82 degrees and sunny and I was sweating my buns off so I decided to come back to the apartment to cool off. The view was beautiful; I think I will make it a part of my regular weekend routine. (see picture above)


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Kim & Brad said...

Your work even sounds good ~~ maybe it's the thoughts of working in 82 degree weather while we are in the 20's with the wind chill today!! I wish we were down there with you guys!!!

Kim & Brad =)