Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Rest of the Packages

Well over the last two days all of the remaining packages have arrived. That put the parcel post delivery time between three and four weeks for all of the packages. These for for the most part over-sized/nonstandard size packages shipped via the cheapest route possible. Although we haven't unpacked everything yet, since we are moving into the house at the end of the month, it appears that everything made it OK.


Robbo said...

how heavy were the boxes? slowly but surely, i'm planning an escape from chicagoland to the warmer world of stt or stj...and the more i can know in advance, the faster my wife and i can run!

Renee said...


Renee said...

Must be nice to start getting some old familiar things in your new location. After you get all 19 boxes, please let us know what you sent to much of and not enough of. It’s always interesting to see how planning matches up with reality.
Congrats, Scott in BHM