Sunday, February 3, 2008

Boat Day

Well one of our friends is leaving on Sunday to get back to the real world and run his business, and Deb and I both start working on Monday so we decided to play a little. We rented a boat for the day and went running around. We had originally planed on playing around St John but the with Swells up out of the North East we decided to run around the Leeward side of St Thomas instead. We ran over to Buck Islands,(the St Thomas one) grabbed a mooring and hung out for a little while. We munched on some snacks that everyone had brought along and had a few cocktails. Then with a rain squall coming our way we jumped up and went around to Honeymoon Beach on Water Island. I am reluctant to even mention this beach because it is one of those places around St Thomas that hasn't been over run. It is a beautiful spot and the food is always good at Heidi's Honeymoon Grill. We hung out here for a couple of hours, had a great cheeseburger and a few more cocktails. Then we cruised up through the harbor around past French Town and past the Marriott. Then it was back on plane running behind the Caneel Ferry to let them break up the surf for us. The last stop was at Christmas Cove on Great St James, another small unspoiled island between St Thomas and St John. We did a snorkel there; Karen was the first person in the water got to swim with a large turtle for a while and Deb saw a nice ray.
Here is a little slide show. Most of the pictures are at Water Island we were having so much fun we forgot to use the camera most of the day.

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