Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Food Cost's in De Islands

Well one of the best things to happen to food costs here has been the Cost U Less store. This store is similar to Sam's Club or Costco. Although some items like milk are a lot more expensive than in the states there are a lot of items that are close to the same. The store is a bulk store with large quantities so it's not one stop shopping. For smaller or specialty items you still have to go to one of the grocery stores, like Food Center, Super KMart, Pueblo, Marina Market or Gourmet Gallery.
Here is a list of some current prices for normal items.
One Gallon of Low Fat Milk $5.89
2 Pack of 1LB (2lbs Total) Mexican shredded cheese $8.99
Bag of Frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts (6lbs) $17.99
Boneless Pork Cutlets 4 Pack $4.21
Extra Lean Ground Beef 1.5 lbs $6.54
Honey Wheat Bread $2.49
English Muffin 2-Pack Frozen $4.99
12 Pack Diet Coke Cans $3.88
Egg Beaters 2-Pack 8 Oz Cartons $3.79
Yellow Onion $0.59 lb
Tomato $2.99 lb
Green Bell Pepper $1.09 lb
Limes $1.69 lb
Orange Juice from Concentrate Pasteurized 2 QT $3.99
Spaghetti Sauce One Jar $3.29
48 Oz Smucker's Grape Jelly $3.49
Tricolor Rotini $1.59
Fettuccine $1.69
Angel Soft TP 12 Rolls $4.99
Sparkle Paper Towels 8 Rolls $7.99


Bry said...

That was so helpful! Thank you!

heinz said...

thank you so much for the post - a bit more than the DC area, but not unreasonable.

SeaBreeze said...

Its a sticker shock for sure! I know been there done that on vacation.

Just a FYI my father has a single unit efficiency apartment available on Water Island for rent. 5 min walk to Honeymoon Beach and 10 to ferry dock, as well as 2 lots and a finished house for sale. Let me know if you want his phone # in Chicago.

destiny92782 said...

Food in the VI's can get very father-in-law owns marina market and mandahl market and they have told us many times how expensive it gets....BTW I have been reading your blog for along time, just got around to signing up to be able to leave comments.

Kim & Brad said...

18 bucks for 6lbs of frozen ckn breasts!! Jay, U need to start a ckn farm!!! U could be a millionaire in a few years! LOL