Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apartment Search

Well, we may have a possible winner in the apartment search. Its a very large one bedroom on the north side with a pretty nice view and good breezes. It has a north/northwest view vs. the south/southeast view we've had for the last year. We were told you see awesome sunsets, especially in the summer. I'll miss our sunrises, but I'm a sucker for a good sunset! It's unfurnished (except for the kitchen stuff.... appliances, dishes, pots, pans, etc.), so we'll have to start looking for living room furniture and a bed as the time gets closer. Don't worry Mike, the living room is huge so plenty of room for visitors! The kitchen, dinning and living room is pretty much one big room, like a great room. With a bar top area between the kitchen and living room with windows around two sides of it so the view just goes forever. It's not a done deal, but the landlord is willing to hold it for a little while and we're meeting her next week when she comes in, so we'll see.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Deb and I have decided to downsize here on the island. We have been back and forth on wether to buy something or continue to rent. We have decided to continue to rent but we are going to downsize to a smaller place to save some money.

So if you know of anyone looking to rent a house in de Islands Shelba has this one for rent. Here is the Listing on Craigs List
Here is a litlle 360 video from the deck that Deb shot when we first moved in .

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bomb Scare in Frenchtown

Well, Thursday night was interesting. Jay and I were having dinner at Hook Line Sinker (I know, nothing new) and we saw blue flashing lights in the parking lot. We inquired about what was going on and we were told there was a bomb scare at Betsy's Bar. Everyone was saying, who in the world would want to bomb Betsy's, just crazy. They had all entrances to Frenchtown blocked, no one could come in or out, which hurt all the businesses in Frenchtown at prime time dinner. We had to stay a couple hours before we could leave, bummer, we had a to have a BBC while we waited. When we finally could get out, we saw several cop cars and the bomb truck in front of McDonald's so we thought the rumor about Betsy's was wrong and that the bomb scare was actually at McDonald's. Now that we could believe! :-)

More information in the St. Thomas Source.

America's Most Wanted

Tonight's episode of America's Most wanted is about an unsolved murder that happened on St. Thomas a few year's back. They were here filming a couple weeks ago and a friend of ours was a part of the lighting crew. He said it was pretty intense watching all the recreations of the crime and seeing the family members standing around watching. They took shots all around St. Thomas and Water Island, so make sure to check out tonight's episode on Fox.

Here is the article in the St. Thomas source with more information.

Friday, March 27, 2009

50 Cent to Sponsor the Red Hook Ferry Terminal

Well not the rap star but your Fity Cents. Apparently in an effort to raise even more money for the V.I. Port Authority they have decided to implement a user fee for the terminal. It has been on the books since 1996 but they just recently decided it was a good idea. So bring your quarters and your dimes as you will need a quarter each way and an extra dollar and a dime for the fuel surcharge as well. You can read the whole story in the paper here.


Friday Beach Picture

This shot is of Great Lamshur on the south side of St John.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Celica For Sale

The Celica comes out in the Island Trader today. It is officially for sale. I have been driving it back and forth to work for a week or so now since getting it inspected and finishing the repairs and it is running good. So if you are in the market let us know. I also have it listed here on the relocation boards classified section.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beachcomer Hotel

Beachcomer Hotel, originally uploaded by captainjay.

We met some friends at the Beachcomer hotel. The beach bar and
courtyard area is very nice. They said the rooms are decent too,
especially for $118 a night.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get Your Stimulus Money Now

Looks like the money is on the way so book now. The government is willing to subsidize your summer vacation, so if you have been on the fence as wether to come or not here are the details.
~ DOT Invests over $1.3 Million to Promote Package, and Destination, Nationally ~
ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands, March 19, 2009 - The Department of Tourism has unveiled a new offer to jump start summer and fall bookings for the Territory. The Sizzlin' Sampler, launched earlier this week, has been designed to resonate with potential visitors in the current economic environment and provide support to industry partners through co-branded marketing and incentives to drive on-island spend.
This summer, the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism invites travelers to experience everything that St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas have to offer - from sea trekking to golf - while stretching their dollars with the Sizzlin' Sampler offer. The package includes a complimentary fourth night, $300 air credit, $50 worth of certificates for attractions and a $50 dining certificate. In addition, the DOT has taken steps to encourage retail spending by offering a coupon booklet valued over $500 to those who book the offer.
"Despite the current economic environment, we're finding a desire to travel among potential visitors, provided they can take advantage of a high value offer," said Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson-Doty. "By extending this offer early in the season, we will maximize our opportunity to capture summer and fall business, while continuing our ongoing commitment to our industry partners."
The Sizzlin' Sampler is valid for bookings made from March 15 to October 15, 2009 (or until the $1.6 Million financial commitment has been expended) for travel between April 15 and October 31, 2009 and is based on a four-night minimum stay. The package is already creating quite a "sizzle," as almost 300 packages (approximately 1400 room nights) were sold in the first 96 hours, representing more than $400,000 in revenue for the USVI during first four days after the package was launched.
The Department of Tourism is taking a multi-faceted approach to address the current economic environment by promoting the Sizzlin' Sampler nationally via print and broadcast outlets and retail partnerships. A national radio campaign valued at $500,000 and a $50,000 newspaper insert campaign will debut in April, along with a $750,000 national TV advertising campaign to commence in June. All advertising to support the offer will feature a call-to-action to book through one of the Territory's major airline partners.
In addition, a partnership with the CW Daily Buzz, a popular national morning show, will result in a 3-minute broadcast segment filmed on St. Thomas that will support the Sizzlin' Sampler offer and showcase the destination. The segment will air on 157 stations across the country including key markets such as New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit and Tampa/Orlando.
Hotels participating in the Sizzlin' Sampler include: The Westin St. John; The Buccaneer, Carambola Beach Resort & Spa, Chenay Bay Beach Resort, Club St. Croix, Colony Cove, Company House Hotel, Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort, Frederiksted Hotel, Hibiscus Beach Resort, Holger Danske Hotel, Hotel Caravelle, King Christian Hotel and Sand Castle on the Beach on St. Croix; Anchorage Beach Resort, Best Western Carib Beach, Best Western Emerald Beach; Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, Crystal Cove, Marriott Frenchman's Reef, Pavilions and Pools, Point Pleasant Resort, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach Resort, Sapphire Village, Secret Harbour Beach Resort, Windward Passage Hotel and Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa on St. Thomas.
The Sizzlin' Sampler applies to new bookings only. Reservations for this promotion can be made through a number of tour operators, including Apple Vacations, BookIt.com, Certified Vacations Group, CheapCaribbean, Classic Vacations, Costco Travel, Enjoy Vacations, Expedia Inc., Island Resort Tours, Libgo Travel, The Mark Travel Corporation, MLT Vacations, Orbitz Worldwide, Pleasant Holidays, Total Vacations, Travel Impressions, Travelocity, US Airways Vacations and Vacation Express.
For more information about the United States Virgin Islands, go to VisitUSVI.com. When traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. citizens enjoy all the conveniences of domestic travel - including on-line check-in - making travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands easier than ever. As a United States Territory, travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands does not require a passport from U.S. citizens arriving from Puerto Rico or the U.S. mainland. Entry requirements for non-U.S. citizens are the same as for entering the United States from any foreign destination. Upon departure, a passport is required for all but U.S. citizens.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Beach Picture

Here is one that our friend Jim took a couple weeks ago on Tortola.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Celica is Inspected

Yesterday morning on my day off I took the Celica back to the DMV to get it inspected. I pulled around back and there was no one waiting in line. Pulled right up and into the booth. The guy walked around the car a couple of times, had me put it in reverse to check the backup lights then I turned on the headlights and it passed, well sort of. He informed me that since the car had been repainted and the registration said the car was green, even though it is blue and has always been blue, that I had to have an affidavit of change form filled out and signed by whoever painted it. This makes a lot of sense to me. Instead of correcting a clerical error that was made when the car was registered I should have a body shop or the dealer sign this paper saying that they changed the color.
So I go inside and buy the form for five dollars, and explain the situation to the cashier that sold me the form. She sends me to the lady that handles the registrations who promptly sends me to the windows for traffic tickets. Because the lady that handles registrations isn't allowed to talk to you until you have proven that you have no outstanding tickets. Of course she can't look that up on her computer the other lady has to look it up on hers. So after doing this I go back to the registration window and explain my situation to her. She goes in the back talks to a supervisor, he then comes out in the hall and asks me a few questions, like were did you buy it, has it always been blue etc. So he takes me around back and has another inspector look at the car, he verifies that it has always been blue. Now I go back in with new paperwork and in about 45 minutes I have my registration and sticker. By the way I never had to use the five dollar form that I bought, but I still have the form if anyone needs it. Captain RD was right I should have paid someone to handle this for me. The "facilitators" were practically the only people in the place yesterday and they knew everyone by name.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks Day, originally uploaded by captainjay.

We're hanging at Tickles for St. Pats day. The Fiddler is getting
ready to play and the green beer is flowing. All the staff is dressed
in green and look so good! This makes our second St. Pats day as
virgin islanders. Where had the time gone.

BTW - Happy Birthday Mike!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

La Plancha Del Mar

Jay and I ate at this new restaurant on St. John with our forum friends Rick and Christine. Wow! The food was fabulous! We shared four small plates (appetizers), one main dish and two desserts. All were fantastic. For starters, we had the Garlic Tiger Prawns, Seared Diver Scallops, Yellow Fin Tuna and Focaccia. All had wonderful presentation and melted in your mouth. For the main dish we shared the one pound ribeye. It's cooked on a super hot flat grill so it's seared on both sides and oh so juicy in the middle. They sliced it like a NY strip for us since we were sharing it. Then for the big finish, we had the Key Lime Creme Brulee and the Brownie Waffle with vanilla ice cream. Yum!! If you're on St. John you definitely need to give this establishment a try, you will not be disappointed. The owners were very personable and came out and talked to us about their new place and you could just feel their excitement. We wish them well in their new endeavor.

Other online reviews:
Review on On-St. John
Review on St. John Sun Times
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Review on News of St. John
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is 10:37pm Do You Know Where The Band is?

We are at The Caribbean Saloon and the band Spiritual Rez was supposed to play at 10:00PM. I am so glad we didn't pay a cover.

They eventually showed up and started playing around 11pm. They were very good, but I still don't understand the whole hour late thing. They played a mix of reggae jazz which is called ska. I really liked them and would like to see more.



Happy Birthday Silvia

Happy Birthday Silvia, originally uploaded by captainjay.

It's Silvia's birthday today! So we're hanging at the beach. We couldn't decide which one to go.....Sapphire, Lindquist, Bolongo, Secret Harbor, Emerald....so finally we decided on Sapphire since Silvia had never been here. The sun keeps going in and out and it's pretty windy but it's still nice!

Tonight we are going to the Caribbean Saloon to see a band Spiritual Rez to celebrate Silvias birthday. RickG saw them Thursday on STJ and said they were great. Now we just need to make sure we can keep Jay out late!


Yea!!! Finally got some bananas from the tree that's on the property! Sooooo good! We thought we weren't going to have any because they were gone Wednesday after the Gardner was here so we thought he took them. I emailed our landlord to tell her the news and she immediately
sent the Gardner an email and asked if he would please bring them back. It was a really nice email about how we were really looking forward to having fresh bananas right off the tree in our front yard. Come to find out that they had cut the bananas down because they were ripe and left them by the front door of the apartment downstairs! The tennant thought we had left him the bananas so he didn't say anything to us about them. When I told him the situation he immediately took a big bunch and left them by our front door! Yea!! We had some for breakfast this morning...soooo good, sweet, yum. For lunch I'm thinking BBC (bailys banana colada). Let's see, hmmm......what else can we make? Banana bread, Banana pancakes, Banana daiquiri, BBC .......

Here are some banana facts! :-)

Taken from the Beach Bar web site:

Similar in Texture and Richness to a Bushwacker. This Lesser Known, Easier Prepared, Concoction Can't be Beat When the Banana is Really Ripe. Just Like in Baking, an Overripe Banana is Going to Be Delicious Here!
For 1 Drink:
1.5 oz Bailey's
1 oz Light Rum
1.5 oz Coco Lopez
1/2 of a Fresh Very Ripe Banana
Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend till Smooth.We garnish with a cherry, but you may think of something more creative...If you do drop us an e-mail and tell us about it!mailto:it!thebeachbar@thebeachbar.net

Ok, so I couldn't wait for lunch......had to have a BBC right now, so here you go!! (BTW I used Cruzan rum cream instead of Bailey's, yum!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rick and Christine on Island

So Rick and Christine booked a last minute trip to St John so Deb and I are heading over this evening to meet them for dinner.


Friday Beach Picture

Drunk Bay on St John. This picture was borrowed from Gromit on VIOL click on the link to see the rest of them.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shootings - a little too close for comfort

Yesterday there was a drive by shooting at Kirwin Terrace which is really close to the University....one killed, one injured. According to the paper it happened around 9:15 am and we received an email and voice mail from the university around 10:45 am warning us of the incident. They urged us to stay inside unless it was absolutely necessary to go out. At one point, we got an email saying that it was believed that the persons involved in the crime were hiding in the bushes behind the library (that's where I work!). So we were a little worried to say the least. Silvia said the girls in her office actually heard the shots fired. Her office is down the hill from me and closer to where the incident happened. Around 3:45 pm we got an email letting us know that the heightened alert for our area had been lifted and we were clear to go outside. I didn't know any details about the incident until I read this morning's paper. Apparently they are still looking for the suspects. Whew!

Full article in St. Thomas One Source paper

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celica Lives

Well it has been an interesting couple of days in car land. I spent most of yesterday working on the Celica. Remember the original island car? Well long story short we had been having issues with the transmission so we bought the new car, the Celica has basically just been sitting. Awhile back I took it to Community Motors because they are supposed to have a good transmission repairman and of course they said the transmission was toast and wanted something like $2500 to fix it. Well I paid close to a hundred bucks for this professional opinion and waited a week and a half for the appointment. This had been eating at me for a while, as the problem with the car was that it either worked perfectly or it stuck in second gear and wouldn't shift past that. So I set out on the world wide web and did a little research, downloaded some technical manuals and pondered on it for awhile. What I found out was that basically there are a couple of electrical solenoids in the transmission that control shifting. One of them can actually lock the car in second gear if it is operating in a cold climate, or if it is getting faulty data, or if it sticks. In further research I found this to be a common problem. So I ordered some parts from the states and spent the day yesterday installing them.

So this morning I decided to road test the car and take it down to get it inspected. So I top off the fluid and head out. At this point I am filling pretty good about the whole thing. The car is shifting fine, even after reaching operating temperature all is good in the universe. When I get down to the DMV to do the inspection ting all is still good I am the only car at the inspection booth line. I pull up get out and hand the paperwork to the tech. Well the Jumbies are about to take revenge. He takes a look at the paperwork, makes a comment about the dead inspection sticker. I have to have a trip permit to bring the car down to the DMV, now mind you I am already there but that doesn't matter and I have been here long enough not to bother with logic. So I pull the car out of the booth and park it then I walk around to the cashier and give her $5 for the permit to drive the car down. Then I see a sign that says the DMV no longer accepts checks, since I gave her the only money I had on me to pay for the permit, and I will need money for the inspection, and the car is illegal to drive, I walked to Nisky and got some cash from the ATM.

OK I know its the islands so at this point I am fine with this. Then I get back to the car and try to start it to get back in the inspection booth. "RutRo Raggy", in my best Scooby Doo, dead battery, more Jumbies, while trying to figure out how to get the car started it also comes to my attention that it is now leaking Transmission fluid, allot, out of the newly installed pan gasket. So I go over to the police mechanics and politely borrow a jump box to start the car, then I put the last of the transmission fluid that I have into the transmission and figure I will take the car home, make my repairs then bring it back another day. I stop at NAPA to get more fluid then I start home. I get about two blocks from NAPA, not any place near home, and the car dies in the middle of the road. Now the Jumbies are getting a good laugh out of this one. I get the car out of the road with the help of a stranger, thanks. Then call Deb to get the number for Siblly & Bryan the mechanics we used last year to press in the wheel bearings. Their shop is only a couple of blocks from were I broke down. I gave them a call they came and hooked up a jump box and tested the alternator I was already pretty sure it wasn't charging and they confirmed that. So I drove the car to their shop, with the jump box under the hood and bungee cord holding the hood down after adding another quart of transmission fluid.

So at this point I was pretty well done with all of this. They agreed to repair the leaking pan and get the alternator rebuilt for me. I didn't even ask how much. I just gave them the keys walked to Tickle's to meet Deb for lunch and have a beer or three. Yes all of this happened before noon. They fixed the pan and had the alternator rebuilt and reinstalled it on the car. They called me at 3:30 to let me know that it was finished and that I owed them $240. I hate to say it but by island standards that's a good deal and great service.

I did drive the car home without a proper trip permit. Yes I actually should have gone back to the DMV to get another $5 permit to take it home. Now It is in the driveway, running well and still not inspected.

By the way it is For Sale. In the past year we have replaced the wheel bearings, brakes, battery, hoses belts, transmission shift solenoids, temperature sensor, vacuum switch and rebuilt the alternator, serviced the transmission, and charged the Air Conditioning.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sisters Trip Report

We had a great time with my sisters. The weather sucked the first few days, but we got some decent weather their last two days. I don't think we've ever had wind and temps like we had while they were here. It was down right chilly at night (mid 60's, which is unusual for here) and crazy winds. But, Saturday was pretty nice so we hit the beach so they could get some sun (a little too much sun for my one sister) ... always wear sun block in the Caribbean! :-)

They got to see most of the "tourist" stuff.... Mountain Top, Paradise Point, overlooks, Sapphire Beach, Magen's Bay, Red Hook, Charlotte Amalie, shopping, several restaurants (Greenhouse, Hook Line & Sinker, Wikkid, Iggies, Caribbean Saloon, Tickles). Magen's Bay was packed on Saturday. I guess with the yucky weather we had earlier in the week, everyone wanted to get to the beach to get some sun.

They made it home safely last night and are resting up today before going back to work. Hopefully they'll come back again soon!

Magens Bay Beach

Sapphire Beach

View from Charlotte Amalie overlook

View from Paradise Point

View from Magen's Bay overlook

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mango Cheesecake Anyone?

Mango Cheesecake Anyone?, originally uploaded by captainjay.

We went to Tickles tonight for dinner and saw this yummy cheesecake on the menu so, of course, we had to order it. It had a mango topping with apple and rasberry syrup drizzled on top. Yum! Come to find out it was one of Eds from Edible Arts. Good job Ed!!!

Late Friday Beach Pic

Finally got some sun so we ran out and did some sight seeing. We stopped at Sapphire Beach so the sisters could say that they'd been in the Caribbean sea. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow so we can go to the beach before they leave.

Friday Beach Picture

This one is of Maho Bay on St John. By the way if you are in the market the price on the 13.8 acres of property that Maho Bay Camps is on has been reduced to $28,800.00. This includes 850 feet of shoreline. It was originally listed for 32 Million. I guess times are tough all over.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Great weather for Ducks

Well, the weather has been pretty yucky lately. We've had a lot of rain, so the cistern is good, but now I'm ready for some sun! My sisters got here yesterday and I would them to be able to enjoy a little sun also. It looks like that won't happen today. It's overcast and look like it's getting ready to just pour. The forecast is for 60% chance with 1 to 2 inches of rain expected and pretty much the same for tonight. Both Jay and I are off tomorrow so lets hope this rain ends soon so we can enjoy some fun in the sun!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family soon come

Well, my sisters are on their way here for a quick visit. I can't wait to see them and show them the island. If the weather is decent this evening, I want to take them to Paradise Point so they can see the view, the sunset and a great calypso band, Top Notch. Not sure what else we have planned other than beaches, hanging out and going out to eat at some great restaurants! WooHoo!!

Thirteen Restaurant

Well Deb and I had dinner at Thirteen last night on the North Shore with some friends. The food and atmosphere were both very good. I had lamb and Deb had a Crab Stuffed Mahi Dinner special. The prices were what we have come to expect with entrees in the twenty to thirty dollar range. The parking can be an issue as you do have to park along the road.

It is located on Crown Mt. road - rt 33 for those who have a clue about the road #'s - on the North side in Estate Dorothea - west of 4 Corners intersection, west of Friendly gas station, west of Ag Station and Fire Co.E, west of Bryan's Nursery. (directions borrowed from ExitZero from the relocation board)

The phone number is 340-774-6800 and reservations are a good idea.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Triple protection

Triple protection, originally uploaded by captainjay.

We tried to sit out by the pool today and was getting eaten alive. So we got out the triple protection kit! Jay fogged the whole pool area with the Black Flag propane powered bug fogger. I got out the Off and the bug zapper. Between the three, the eating frenzie calmed down a bit. They're still flying around but in smaller numbers. So that's where my trusty zapper comes in. Crazy!