Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shootings - a little too close for comfort

Yesterday there was a drive by shooting at Kirwin Terrace which is really close to the killed, one injured. According to the paper it happened around 9:15 am and we received an email and voice mail from the university around 10:45 am warning us of the incident. They urged us to stay inside unless it was absolutely necessary to go out. At one point, we got an email saying that it was believed that the persons involved in the crime were hiding in the bushes behind the library (that's where I work!). So we were a little worried to say the least. Silvia said the girls in her office actually heard the shots fired. Her office is down the hill from me and closer to where the incident happened. Around 3:45 pm we got an email letting us know that the heightened alert for our area had been lifted and we were clear to go outside. I didn't know any details about the incident until I read this morning's paper. Apparently they are still looking for the suspects. Whew!

Full article in St. Thomas One Source paper

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Traveling Shaunda said...

Oh wow! I'm glad that you are all okay and safe!