Monday, March 9, 2009

Sisters Trip Report

We had a great time with my sisters. The weather sucked the first few days, but we got some decent weather their last two days. I don't think we've ever had wind and temps like we had while they were here. It was down right chilly at night (mid 60's, which is unusual for here) and crazy winds. But, Saturday was pretty nice so we hit the beach so they could get some sun (a little too much sun for my one sister) ... always wear sun block in the Caribbean! :-)

They got to see most of the "tourist" stuff.... Mountain Top, Paradise Point, overlooks, Sapphire Beach, Magen's Bay, Red Hook, Charlotte Amalie, shopping, several restaurants (Greenhouse, Hook Line & Sinker, Wikkid, Iggies, Caribbean Saloon, Tickles). Magen's Bay was packed on Saturday. I guess with the yucky weather we had earlier in the week, everyone wanted to get to the beach to get some sun.

They made it home safely last night and are resting up today before going back to work. Hopefully they'll come back again soon!

Magens Bay Beach

Sapphire Beach

View from Charlotte Amalie overlook

View from Paradise Point

View from Magen's Bay overlook

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