Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bomb Scare in Frenchtown

Well, Thursday night was interesting. Jay and I were having dinner at Hook Line Sinker (I know, nothing new) and we saw blue flashing lights in the parking lot. We inquired about what was going on and we were told there was a bomb scare at Betsy's Bar. Everyone was saying, who in the world would want to bomb Betsy's, just crazy. They had all entrances to Frenchtown blocked, no one could come in or out, which hurt all the businesses in Frenchtown at prime time dinner. We had to stay a couple hours before we could leave, bummer, we had a to have a BBC while we waited. When we finally could get out, we saw several cop cars and the bomb truck in front of McDonald's so we thought the rumor about Betsy's was wrong and that the bomb scare was actually at McDonald's. Now that we could believe! :-)

More information in the St. Thomas Source.

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