Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is 10:37pm Do You Know Where The Band is?

We are at The Caribbean Saloon and the band Spiritual Rez was supposed to play at 10:00PM. I am so glad we didn't pay a cover.

They eventually showed up and started playing around 11pm. They were very good, but I still don't understand the whole hour late thing. They played a mix of reggae jazz which is called ska. I really liked them and would like to see more.



Ian "Meat" said...

Hello! Google Alerts sends me notices about anything related to Spiritual Rez and your blog came up!
Really glad you stuck around for the show and waited until we started playing. I wanted to give you an explanation as to our tardiness.
We where there ready to go much earlier than 10PM. But when we showed up the bar management said to start no earlier than 11PM, preferably 11:15PM as this was a "Late crowd"
Many times, the management of a venue will advertise earlier start times to make more a bar profit for the night.
I assure you, Spiritual Rez is always prompt and plays when our contractual obligations/the people that pay us say we do.
Either way, thanks for staying late. We should be back in the summer or winter time, and tour all over the country, so tell your friends! (And hopefully next time we all won't be waiting around for no reason)
Thanks a bunch,
Spiritual Rez

Deb and Jay said...

Thanks for the explanation Ian. I'm glad we stuck around too. I really enjoyed the show. We'll see you the next time you make it back to de islands!

just jon said...

I would look at it and say, "only an hour? you're lucky." As a connoisseur of Reggae bands and nightclubs for many, many years, I find that the band rarely knows what time they are starting, and it's usually because the club owner or promoter didn't tell them.. Or told them the "real" time (at least an hour after the posted starting time), so that people come in and drink. (Sometimes, being Reggae bands, there are other reasons, but that I understand..)

Ultimately, it has led me to go to fewer nightclub shows because:
1) I can't stay up that late any more, and when the band starts at 11 instead of 9, that's a big difference in the amount of music I get and
2) I am annoyed at being toyed with.