Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Celica is Inspected

Yesterday morning on my day off I took the Celica back to the DMV to get it inspected. I pulled around back and there was no one waiting in line. Pulled right up and into the booth. The guy walked around the car a couple of times, had me put it in reverse to check the backup lights then I turned on the headlights and it passed, well sort of. He informed me that since the car had been repainted and the registration said the car was green, even though it is blue and has always been blue, that I had to have an affidavit of change form filled out and signed by whoever painted it. This makes a lot of sense to me. Instead of correcting a clerical error that was made when the car was registered I should have a body shop or the dealer sign this paper saying that they changed the color.
So I go inside and buy the form for five dollars, and explain the situation to the cashier that sold me the form. She sends me to the lady that handles the registrations who promptly sends me to the windows for traffic tickets. Because the lady that handles registrations isn't allowed to talk to you until you have proven that you have no outstanding tickets. Of course she can't look that up on her computer the other lady has to look it up on hers. So after doing this I go back to the registration window and explain my situation to her. She goes in the back talks to a supervisor, he then comes out in the hall and asks me a few questions, like were did you buy it, has it always been blue etc. So he takes me around back and has another inspector look at the car, he verifies that it has always been blue. Now I go back in with new paperwork and in about 45 minutes I have my registration and sticker. By the way I never had to use the five dollar form that I bought, but I still have the form if anyone needs it. Captain RD was right I should have paid someone to handle this for me. The "facilitators" were practically the only people in the place yesterday and they knew everyone by name.


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