Sunday, March 15, 2009

La Plancha Del Mar

Jay and I ate at this new restaurant on St. John with our forum friends Rick and Christine. Wow! The food was fabulous! We shared four small plates (appetizers), one main dish and two desserts. All were fantastic. For starters, we had the Garlic Tiger Prawns, Seared Diver Scallops, Yellow Fin Tuna and Focaccia. All had wonderful presentation and melted in your mouth. For the main dish we shared the one pound ribeye. It's cooked on a super hot flat grill so it's seared on both sides and oh so juicy in the middle. They sliced it like a NY strip for us since we were sharing it. Then for the big finish, we had the Key Lime Creme Brulee and the Brownie Waffle with vanilla ice cream. Yum!! If you're on St. John you definitely need to give this establishment a try, you will not be disappointed. The owners were very personable and came out and talked to us about their new place and you could just feel their excitement. We wish them well in their new endeavor.

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