Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Pic

Friday Pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.

TGIF! Another week come and gone. Jay worked all last weekend (7 days straight) but has this weekend off so we'll hopefully get out on the boat. We, and the Frenchtown crew, escaped Frenchtown tonight and headed to Island View Guesthouse. The view is awesome, the food is very good and going with friends is priceless ;-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Beach Pic

Saturday Beach Pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Sorry I missed the Friday post. It's been rainy and yucky for the past week or so. But today was finally nice out. I have a couple friends visiting right now and they haven't been to the beach at all due to the weather. But today is definitely making up for it. One of my friends are friends with the GM at Caneel Bay so we're hanging out at Scott Beach and being treated like royalty. This is such a beautiful property. It's sad that we've been here as long as we have and not visited it. You are allowed to use the Caneel beaches without being a guest, but you can't use the chairs. We usually are on the boat and just pass by or maybe anchor and swim in for just a few min. But today the girls are taking in all the amenities :-) Caneel Bay ferry from Red Hook, lunch, drinks, towels, chairs, beach, ahhhhh so nice....

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday, I mean Saturday Beach Picture

So sorry for forgetting to post yesterday. This shot was taken last Sunday from Jost. We went over on a boat with some friends. Since T was in town we had to get a painkiller fix. We have had lots of company this year its been allot of fun but can be work as well. We are off today and haven't figured out if we are going to do anything or nothing . Alena will be here on Tuesday so the next week will be another interesting week.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday beach pic

Friday beach pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.

It's Friday and almost end of the work day. My friend Theresa is on her way down from WV for a quick weekend trip. Silvia, my friend from Croatia that used to live here, is also arriving this weekend. So you know what that means, another wild and crazy weekend lol.

We had a nice 4th of July on Water Island. No fireworks and a little afternoon storm, but we're used to that. There was a pretty good turn out at Joes Beach Bar and it was Debbie (the bartender) last day working before taking off on a sailing adventure down island. We wish her lots of luck.

Have a great weekend!