Monday, March 30, 2009


Deb and I have decided to downsize here on the island. We have been back and forth on wether to buy something or continue to rent. We have decided to continue to rent but we are going to downsize to a smaller place to save some money.

So if you know of anyone looking to rent a house in de Islands Shelba has this one for rent. Here is the Listing on Craigs List
Here is a litlle 360 video from the deck that Deb shot when we first moved in .


Robin Chalkley said...

Gosh, does that mean no pool? Or no view? Got to have one or the other, don't you? Or is it enough to be close to the beaches and island lifestyle?

Traveling Shaunda said...

Good luck on your move! Have you found a place yet?

Anonymous said...

good luck on your search!!make sure you at least get a place with a floor big enough for me to sleep to you in the water in 2 weeks. mike & lisa