Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yea!!! Finally got some bananas from the tree that's on the property! Sooooo good! We thought we weren't going to have any because they were gone Wednesday after the Gardner was here so we thought he took them. I emailed our landlord to tell her the news and she immediately
sent the Gardner an email and asked if he would please bring them back. It was a really nice email about how we were really looking forward to having fresh bananas right off the tree in our front yard. Come to find out that they had cut the bananas down because they were ripe and left them by the front door of the apartment downstairs! The tennant thought we had left him the bananas so he didn't say anything to us about them. When I told him the situation he immediately took a big bunch and left them by our front door! Yea!! We had some for breakfast this morning...soooo good, sweet, yum. For lunch I'm thinking BBC (bailys banana colada). Let's see, hmmm......what else can we make? Banana bread, Banana pancakes, Banana daiquiri, BBC .......

Here are some banana facts! :-)

Taken from the Beach Bar web site:

Similar in Texture and Richness to a Bushwacker. This Lesser Known, Easier Prepared, Concoction Can't be Beat When the Banana is Really Ripe. Just Like in Baking, an Overripe Banana is Going to Be Delicious Here!
For 1 Drink:
1.5 oz Bailey's
1 oz Light Rum
1.5 oz Coco Lopez
1/2 of a Fresh Very Ripe Banana
Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend till Smooth.We garnish with a cherry, but you may think of something more creative...If you do drop us an e-mail and tell us about it!mailto:it!

Ok, so I couldn't wait for lunch......had to have a BBC right now, so here you go!! (BTW I used Cruzan rum cream instead of Bailey's, yum!)

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