Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Weather, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Just saw the weather forecast for back home. Brrrrr. So I thought I would give something to help warm everyone up. It's 75 and sunny with a little wind at 8am with a forecast of 82.


Robbo said...

sure sure, rub it in.
it was 12 this morning when i woke up. compared to yesterday (-3 when i woke up), it was balmy, and the walk from the train wasn't so bad...but now that i have read your post, i'm freezing.

heinz said...

11 in DC this morning...we are heading your way in March and staying at Marriott's Morning Star. Have enjoyed all of your posts. One question - how does the cost for groceries, etc. compare to the mainland?

Deb & Jay said...

Yes besides the comments Deb also got a few emails from friends in the States about the weather.
Heinz we have had a couple people ask about food prices so we went ahead and did a post this morning with some staple items.