Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shipping and Lessons Learned

Well one of the smarter things we did prior to leaving the states was to put Deb's mom on a checking account and leave her a book of checks. This enables her to pay for minor repairs at the rental property, and from time to time buy us stuff and ship it to us. Since we are still on insurance from Deb's old job, she went this week and picked up a couple of prescriptions for us as well as some other essentials that are either hard to get or expensive here. Put them in one of the flat rate priority mail boxes and they will be here in a week to ten days. That's the smart stuff. As for the twenty odd boxes that we shipped prior to departure. They were almost all shipped parcel post. Three weeks ago and the first one hasn't shown up yet. It's nothing that is critical but if we had it to do over again I think we would have paid the roughly ten dollars a box ($200) total to ship them priority as they would all be here by now. So on the live and learn front that is the lesson for today.

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