Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soggy Dollar Web Cam

Well as if the camera at St John spice, Chocolate Hole, Charlotte Amalie, etc etc aren't enough to keep you constantly hitting the refresh button on your computer, now you can add The Soggy Dollar Cam to your favorites list. It is now live from the roof of the building overlooking the beach and White Bay. See it here.


Anonymous said...

not seeing,or hearing much of your new place?

Deb and Jay said...

Thought I'd share a comment on the Virgin Islands Online Form by Joshie:

Spoke with Soggy Dollar management about this yesterday (Labor Day).

Currently, their internet link is very slow which makes frequent refresh unfeasible.

They are hoping to upgrade to satellite data service which should fix the bandwidth issue and allow for crisp, frequent beach cam updates.

In the meantime, you can manually click your browser's refresh button to view new images (although, as you note, the update rate is slow).


De said...

The actual address for the SoggyCam is: soggydollar.com. If you can, bookmark that site and stop back daily. It's cool now that it auto-refreshes every 20 seconds or so.

alderman said...

I thought a web cam was updated often. May 2009 post in until January 2010 doesn't make much sense as a web cam. A picture post maybe, but not a web cam. Tell us what your intentions are for this site. thanks,

Deb and Jay said...

The purpose of this post on our blog was to advertise the fact that Soggy Dollar started a new web cam. To see the live picture from the cam you have to go to their website by following the link we gave. The picture shown is just a screen shot at the time we did the post.

lea dales said...

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