Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Beach Picture

TGIF!!! This was a short week but it sure didn't feel like it! We're exhausted. I guess it's mostly due to still getting used to the new apt. Jays boss has been off for 10 days and she comes back today so Jay is taking off Saturday thru Monday!! WooHoo!! So Beach tomorrow and shopping for stuff for the apt on Sunday. We still need to store more stuff, get a mirror hung in the bedroom and shop for a few pieces of furniture.

Tonight friends of ours is having a cook out at their place in Frenchtown and it's expected to have a pretty good turn out. It will be nice seeing everyone after not doing anything last weekend.

The pic is from our friend Harry taken of Sandy Cay in the BVI. Enjoy!


Robert said...

Hi guys... love the blog. It was referred to me by a banker in Delaware. My wife and I go to St. Thomas 2-3 times a year (sometimes even bringing the rest of the family along). We're considering buying a place and renting it out until we can relocate there in a few years. Found a great looking cottage in short walking disance to Limetree beach, an area we know somewhat. But we are now thinking about a condo unit instead, prim arily for the abiliity to rent it out. Any suggestions?


Ken said...


We are buying a home there in Tabor and Harmony right now that is leased out currently but with the intention of moving there in 3 years.

If you want any info on what we have been through or a referral of a good real estate agent, drop me a line at