Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shopping for Furniture

Well, shopping for furniture has been an interesting experience. There are a couple local furniture stores that I have been to a couple of times now. The biggest one being Furniture Plaza in Four Winds Plaza which is just down the road from Tutu Mall. The have all ranges of quality of furniture but the prices seem high, but then again that's pretty much par for here. I really didn't want to spend the money for new furniture so I tried my luck with the Island Trader. (the local free classifieds paper). Sometimes the online version is up to date, but most time it's not. So I had to track down where to pick one up. There hadn't been much furniture listed recently, but last weekend there was. Of course it rained all morning and I didn't feel like trying to find these places in the rain so I stayed home and packed and then left when the rain stopped. By the time I found a couple of the places, no furniture. Darn! Luckily a former co-worker of mine was selling her living room furniture because she painted her apt and the furniture doesn't match the new wall color so she wants new. Good Deal. We went and took a look, and it works for me. So now, how do we get a five piece living room set from one end of the island to the other. Hmm.... I called some of the local moving companies listed in the yellow pages. They all have hourly rates for local moves with 2 hour minimum. The most was Bob Lynch Moving at $155 per hour and the least was A&R Transportation at $95 per hour. So the least we could get by for was $200. No I don't think so. So I think one of my co-workers "friends" is going to get a truck and help Jay move it one evening this week, for a fee of course, but still no where near the moving companies price, so it sounds like a plan to me. I don't know what size truck he's going to get but my guess is a full size pickup. So it will most likely take two trips. Hopefully we can get it done in one evening. Good luck with that, right?

The bed was an easy purchase. I priced mattress at Furniture Plaza, Pricesmart and Cost-u-less. Cost-u-less was the least expensive but of course they don't have any queen size in stock. Pricesmart was the middle price but when I went to Furniture Plaza and told them what I wanted to pay, they wouldn't go as low as I wanted but they matched the Pricesmart price and they have free delivery. So there you go.

So this week should be interesting trying to coordinate furniture delivery and taking car loads from our old place to the new place. We need to be done by Saturday afternoon because we have plans for Sat night and Sunday (which were planned before we knew when we were moving, oh well). I'm sure we'll be exhausted but hopefully we can pull it off.

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