Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Internet, Cable oh My

Well I have been off the last few days. So on Monday I went to one of my favorite places. Innovative Cable. It was a tough call we thought about going to a satellite dish but with limited ability to get network TV and high up front costs we went with Innovative. I have to say the office visit could have been worse. It took about an hour from the time I signed in to the time that I actually got to sit down with a Customer "Service" Rep. Then it took about forty five more minutes to do the paper work, leave her office to pay the cashiers, then go back to her office and give her the receipt and then leave with the new cable boxes.

The cable was left on from the last tenants in the living room so all I had to do was go home and hook the box up in the living room and it is working. So on the way home I stopped at Kmart to to get a piece of cable for the box so I could hook it up as the installer wasn't coming until the next day. Well while I was there I happened to look at some TVs and found a new flat screen on clearance at state side prices. So there goes some more money. So we have a new TV for the living room and we are buying a used TV from a friend for the bedroom.

So feeeling good about getting this much done so far I went by Choice to get an Internet modem. Now I know what you are thinking, cable and Internet in the same day how could I risk making the Jumbies this angry all in one day. Well all is well in the universe at this point. After waiting about ten minutes to get a parking place. I was in and out of the office in less than a half hour with a wireless high speed modem and a little less money.

So know I get home and set up the TV, the cable box and the modem. The modem has to be pointed in a specific location and only works one place in the house so far and of course that is right in the living room in the middle of the big windows so we have to work that out.

Now if you think I got off untouched by the island Jumbies think again. Yesterday the "installer" aka the cable guy was supposed to be here between 8-12, not so fast. I still have a cell phone from the states, my area code is 304 the area code here is 340, you can guess how that went. About 12:30 I called the cable company and off course they had been trying to call me but the phone didn't work. In my defense I told the lady specifically at the cable company to put a note in the computer to let them know that the area code really was 304 I also gave them Deb's direct number at work just in case. She either didn't put the note in or they didn't read it. So after two additional phone calls, a little stateside persistence/attitude the cable guy showed up at 5:00, well not "the" cable guy but a different cable guy that works under contract. He moaned and complained a bit but eventually got around to doing the job so it is all in now.


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Rick Garvin said...

TV in the bedroom? The honeymoon is over!

I tell Sweet Christine she can have TV in the bedroom when I can have an additional girl friend.

Cheers, RickG