Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Beach Picture

This is one of Margo's shots from Salomon Beach on St John. This is a little beach between Caneel Bay and Lind Point just outside Cruz Bay. There is a hiking trail from the National Park Office parking lot in the "Creek". So if you are up for a short hike you can get to this by land or you can rent a boat or a dingy to get there as well.
This is the beach that I tried to take a pic of with my iPhone when we were on the hook outside caneel. But obviously Margo's pic is a little better. :-) We tried to get to this beach one day and the parking lot was crazy so we couldn't find a place to park. I'll get there one day.
BTW - this pic was taken a couple weeks ago. We have had a ton of rain since then so the hill sides are much greener now. Wish I could go take a pic right now to compare. :-)

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