Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fire Destroys Mountaintop

above pics taken from Mountain Top's web site.

For those of you that are tourists, or those of us that play tourists every now and then this is a real shame. It is one of the oldest and most popular tourist stops, particularly for day trippers from the cruise ships. It is unfortunate that we have lost both Atlantis Submarine and now mountaintop in a short period of time. Deb and I could smell the fire here at the new place last night then the sirens went on all evening as they continued to call out all of the trucks and crews on the island. Here is an article in the paper about it.

PS we are settling into the new place. We have the cable up and running, they are coming this morning to put in a second drop in the bedroom. I went by choice yesterday and got the cable modem and it appears to be working pretty well. There is only one spot in the house were the modem picks up a signal and of course it is in the living room in the middle of the big windows so we are trying to work out a viable mount for that.

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