Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Relay for Life Update

Just an update on the Relay for Life mess. American Cancer Society called and said $1450 was turned in by checks and $300 cash. Making a total contribution from UVI of $3971. We had four teams of 15 walkers, each walker was supposed to raise a minimum of $100 so there should have been a minimum of $6000 turned in. But I know some of us turned in more than the minimum so the total should have been even more. Not sure what will happen from here but UVI administrators know the numbers so it's up to them if any further action will be taken.

I've heard from some of the people that sent me donations and their checks have cleared so at least we know that ACS really got the money. They asked if I was going to be participating this year and I told them no, not after all this. They said that maybe we just needed a different chair person and suggested I take that role. But I told her that after all that happened I needed to just sit back and let things cool off. I know its a great cause and they put together a really nice fund raiser, so I'm disappointed that I won't be involved. Maybe next year.

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