Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work Zone or War Zone?

....Or plumbing island style.

The efficiency apartment downstairs is having drainage issues. So the plumbers have been here a couple of times. Last week they showed up opened the septic tank and left for a few days. They came back yesterday and apparently are trying the trial and error method of finding the offending pipe. At one point yesterday one of the workers was holding the the other worker upside down in the septic tank to try to look in the pipe that feeds into the tank. You just can't make up stuff that funny.



Traveling Shaunda said...

One word: "wow"

Anonymous said...

Three rules of plumbing

1 Sh%t flows down hill
2 The Boss is a A**hole
3 payday is Friday


Deb and Jay said...

Update - plumbers were a no show yesterday (Wednesday) so the mess is the same. I hope they show up soon and get this job finished!