Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year/Anniversary to US

Well last night was our 10th anniversary and of course new years eve. Deb and I both got new bling for the anniversary. Deb bought me a new wedding band, as I lost mine several years ago working on a boat. I bought deb a shipwreck coin from SOS Antiques in St Thomas and even got a "locals" discount. We had dinner at Craig and Sally's in Frenchtown, thanks John. The food was very good. Then we went to the Marriott for their New Years Party. It wasn't exactly what we had expected. It was a little low key and the band was a couple of Karaoke singers with a drum machine and a keyboard. We opted not to do the madness at Yacht Haven, if we had a do over we probably would have done the Yacht Haven Party. We did see the fireworks and had a good time.

Well Happy New Year to All.



Michele (aka Bug) said...

Happy Anniversary Deb and Jay!


Capt RD said...

Happy Anniversary - as soon as I get a day off sailing I will see you at HLS for a celebratory libation.