Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Brunch at Hook Line Sinker

Well, we decided to stop by Hook Line Sinker for their Sunday brunch after our dive with Admiralty. Yummy!

It's been raining on and off all morning and there was a little bit of chop out so Admiralty decided between the chop and some inexperienced divers, they would take us to Flat Key and Easy Key. It's better protected than some of the other sites so it would be easier on everyone. There is a really nice reef there, lots of coral and fish. We also saw a turtle, a lobster and a small eel. I tried out a new BCD since I'm not real happy with mine and it worked out pretty good so I need to decide if i'm buying it or not. I also want to get some different fins. I have some trouble getting mine off if there is any chop at all so I need to get ones that slip on vs the ones with a strap and booties. I hate spending money on more gear since we don't go very often but maybe that will give me a reason to start going more often!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was there. Love you two Mom. I WANT LOBSTER