Friday, January 9, 2009

Posts, Postings, or the Lack There Of

Well we have taken some criticism lately for the lack of posts. I hate to say that we are out of material as that just isn't possible here, but sometimes day to day life and work get it the way of putting out good material. It would be pretty boring if we just posted every day tasks over and over again.

It would look something like this. We got up at 6:00 Am had cereal and juice for breakfast, watched the news, took a shower and went to work. Some days you can add a stop at the dumpster in French Town to drop off the trash. Worked for eight hours or so. Had a few beers at Hook Line went home made dinner went to bed and tomorrow we do it all over again. Of course the weather is here and we wish everyone was beautiful. The reality is that not everyday is painkillers and bathing suits in paradise. We hold down jobs and some days life gets in the way of entertainment

We will continue to post as frequently as we can and when we feel we have relevant and or fun material, but this is a Blog for fun not a commercial venture and some days it just isn't at the top of the priority list.



Anonymous said...

don't worry,the rednecks are coming to the islands in 3 weeks.i am sure there will be some wild post in the days to come. mike & lisa

Rick Garvin said...

Your keeping me down, man. Your getting bitter and angry and need some time off. How about you attend the Obama inauguration and stay in a 5 bedroom villa in McLean, VA? Sorry, no pool heater. I'll keep your spot at the Hook, Line & Sinker warm.

Cheers, RickG

Deb and Jay said...

Hey Rick I have better idea. You should go ahead and rent the "Villa" out for the big event, take the money and buy some airplane tickets for you and Christine and come on down. I fixed the shower in the guest bathroom. The pool is a little cold but the rum is still cheap. I and I am sure I could come up with a boat for a day or two.
Jay :)

Tiffine said...

Hey Deb and Jay I have followed your post here and on the relocation board for some time now. We moved here in June and I was blogging on my MySpace. I got the same flack when the blogs started slowing down. I totally understand where you are coming from. I just didn't feel the need the to blog about going to work and the daily chores. People like to hear about the FUN stuff. People that are not here think we lay on the beaches and eat coconuts and mangoes all the time. I get the funniest questions about what do you mean you are sick and what do you mean your car is broke down. Crazy things. They all think about being on vacation. Being on vacation and living here are 2 completely different creatures!!! I am just glad to see that someone else felt the same way we do. Thanks for sharing!