Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unofficial Drivers Manual

Unofficial Driver's Manual of the Virgin Islands copyright 1998 by L. Leonard

A friend of ours loaned us his copy of the Unofficial Driver's Manual of the Virgin Islands when Silvia was studying for her drivers license. This book is absolutely hilarious. It contains all the unofficial "rules of the road" in the Virgin Islands. It's a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only of course, but cracked me up because it's so true!! I'll have to find out more about the author and whether you can obtain a copy or if it was just written for fun and given out only to friends.

I've always said that the traffic laws here are regarded as suggestions and not laws. No speed limits, no turn signals, no stopping at stop signs, stopping in the middle of the road to talk or pick someone up is perfectly acceptable, parking anywhere regardless of signs. You name it. Just don't talk on your cell phone while driving. They take that one seriously. I know from experience!!

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Traveling Shaunda said...

That is too funny! Driving in St. Thomas is definitely an experience, that's for sure!