Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama Day

Gov. John deJongh Jr. has proclaimed Tuesday "President Barack Obama Day" in the Virgin Islands and has given government employees the day off to watch the historic swearing-in ceremonies in Washington, D.C. (source: St. Thomas Source) Of course this doesn't apply to university employees, so we're at work today, but I have a feeling there will be lots of "sick" people calling in today. There is a lot of excited people here in the islands and they want to be able to watch this historic event and be a part of it any way they can. The University has set up several televisions on campus and has given us a two hour lunch so that we can watch at least part of it. But with the stipulation that offices have to be covered so some people will need to stay behind and work. They have also asked us not to try to watch it online due to bandwidth issues the University has been experiencing which will have a "negative impact" on those people trying to get some work done, good luck with that! :-)

(Picture taken from my wall calendar)

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