Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Fine Mess

Well this article was in the paper a day or so ago Year-long Project Reroutes Centerline Road Traffic . This closure make the road in front of Kmart and Pueblo at the Havensight intersection one way for a year, a year, even on island time this is unbelievable. The new traffic pattern will have you going up past the Domino station and turning right to go past the High School and the Hospital to make it to Raphune Hill, do not attempt this route between 3:00 and 6:00 PM it will be a nightmare. The road is already clogged when school lets out. Ad to that the evening traffic trying to go home to the country and it really will look like :Little Manhattan"
I come from a state were road construction is insane. Normally you tear down one mountain to fill in a valley to build a road and I have seen four lane highways take shape faster than that. This is a half mile long two lane road. The biggest part of the project is the box culvert that will feed the rainwater, run off and god knows what else into the Ocean. This intersection is in the heart of the Cruise Ship and shopping areas for St Thomas and the closure comes at the peak of high season. Some times you just have to shrug it off here and go have a beer because god knows you can't change these things.

Here is an additional article in the other paper. The local businesses are not very happy about the traffic pattern.

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