Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going Sailing Next Week

Well Deb and I are going sailing next week from the 4th thru the 9th. We are chartering a 45 foot Jeanneau from CYOA and we are going to go play tourist for a few days. Should make for some interesting posts. We have only been on one overnight boat trip since we got here and have only been out boating a hand full of times so we are looking forward to some quality time on the water.
Also, the first batch of the "Rednecks" showed up yesterday. They stopped by Hook Line on the way to St. John to say "hi" and of course get a post flight cocktail or two.



Rob said...

Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to miss you guys at the Beach Bar on 2/8?

Tami (luvinsun)

Rick Garvin said...

Good luck on your checkout sail!

Cheers, RickG

Capt DR said...

Have a really fine sail - hope you get to see some new VI spots- I will look for you out there.

Deb and Jay said...

Tami - We are still planning on being at the Beach Bar sunday night. Just depends on what time we get back from sailing. But we will do our best!

Rick - You crack me up! I wonder who'll we get to check us out!! :-)