Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Red Necks in the Caribean

Well it's not the whole sixteen together again, but some of the original Red Necks are arriving today. Rob, Teresa, Mike and Lisa along with a couple of newbies. They are staying on St John for ten days or so. Then next week another seven of the original sixteen will be here as well. When you add Deb and I to that list it is most of the original group so I thought I would use this blast from the past video again before Jimmy's lawyers block it like most of the videos that I have put on YouTube.

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Cidman said...

Hey Deb and Jay,

First off....I love your blog! I had to thank you for your dose of Jimmy Buffett this morning! As I'm watching the snow pile up, it made my morning coffee perfect.

After that video, I watched the Bond were cracking me up, and I don't even know those people. They must have laughed their you-know-what's off....