Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well Carnival is Rapidly Aproaching

Carnival gets into full swing this weekend. Then gets really large next weekend. The Governor has given government employees a half day on the 23rd and a full day on the 24th as well as the scheduled holiday on the 25th (Deb only gets the 25th), so it won't be a good week to get much done in a government office. We will try to post some pictures through the next week. Traffic and parking will be a major issue. They have already shut one lane down in front of the police station to give the police a place to park since their lot is being converted into a plywood food and drink booth mini mall. Here is a link to the Daily News Magazine about Carnival:
The official Carnival site:


heinz said...

now that you have been in STT for a few months, what are thoughts behind the move? I am sure expectations and reality are different a bit, but do you plan to stay for a while?

Deb & Jay said...

Reality has not been that much different than expectations due to all the reading we did prior to moving. We had a pretty good idea about the cost of living, traffic, parking, road conditions, weather, cistern, shopping, etc. We have no regrets about making the move and the plan is to stay as long as we can. :-)