Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Gym Not Likely Soon Come

Well after Deb's experience with the Gym last week. I did a little digging on the USVI Relocation Forum. It appears that the business may be down for the count. I read through the posts and tried distill them down but in the end it is definitely a modern day "Don't Stop the Carnival" moment. So instead of trying to edit two pages down I will just post the link to the thread. Have fun with this one.,72255,page=1


I was one day away from being caught up in the mess. I went in on a Thursday to check it out and pick up the paperwork. I was going to go ahead and pay, but decided to wait until Saturday when I came back for my first workout and that's when I found out that they were closed. Crazy. I would have been soooooooo mad if I had paid and then they closed the next day. So, now I'm exercising at the house and walking around the track at UVI after work until time to pick up Jay. I guess it worked out for the better.


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