Wednesday, April 30, 2008

pH Up pH Down

Well we have managed to kill the green. So the water is looking much better. But we can't seem to get the pH right on the pool water. I would love to have some good old fashion Litmus paper strips or a real pH meter. It was low so we added some chemicals to raise it. Well they worked because now it is way to high. This causes the cloudy water in the picture. So this morning we added some acid which will bring it back down. So hopefully we can get in the thing at some point.



Anonymous said...

oh such whoas living in the islands...have fun...Why Knot..

Anonymous said...

Jay, I always hated doing pool chemical until my neighbor gave me this formula. This is for 10,000 gal pool. Half a jug (2 1/2 gal) and 2 cups acid each week. If you have automatic with 3" chlorine tabs then add 2-3 per week. This seems to work well for me and on occassion I take sample to pool store to get analyzed just to tweek. said...

Buy pH stabilizer, test daily remember rain water is acidic so you need to throw in baking soda if it rains too much...I know those testing supplies are expensive!

Anonymous said...

Jay do you want me to check here if I can get you strips That is what I use I could ship them to you.