Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Electric Mosquito/Flyswatter

Deb has order her new electric Mosquito killer. It's in the mail and will soon come :)


Anonymous said...

Hi guy's :)

Just a question, why are you ordering them and not buying them here?? If you can't get them on STT they are everywhere on STJ (Ruth sells them)


RD said...

those things are not only good at keeping the skeeters at bay but make good sport for those unsuspecting folks with whom you are drinking rum.


jerrymoragne said...

Hey Capt. Jay,
I can get those all day long for $5
each. If you pay the shipping I will send you all you want! Probably only $3 USPS
Let me know.

mkt3000 said...

Those things are a godsend. Here in San Juan, there's a small garden store down the road from my place that sells them... they're like $5, and we usually buy them 4-5 at a time since they're pretty flimsy and break after a few weeks time.

Deb & Jay said...

Where were you guys when I was trying to find one of these things? I looked a couple of places in St. Thomas and couldn't find one and I was fed up with getting eaten alive, so I ordered online. I guess I paid more than I should have. I actually have one in my attic back home but forgot to pack it. Oh well lesson learned.