Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Morning and Back To Work

We had a great weekend which makes the whole going back to work thing a little easier to take. I have to say from what we saw of St Croix it is worth a look as a vacation destination if you want to do a different Virgin. The diving was very good and Christiansted is very nice. We also made it over to the Casino it was nice but a little small. If you are into gambling they have all the normal stuff from one armed bandits to table games.



Robbo said...

A friend was contemplating St. Croix, but i was able to sway him back to an STJ trip. he's a gambler...though, i wonder if i should sway him back...
was it small and dirty, or just small, but nice?

Rick Garvin said...

Any lobster leftovers for lunch today? Yum!

Cheers, RickG

Deb & Jay said...

Robbo the Casino was clean and comfortable. Just not the huge things you see in Vegas.
Rick the lobster all went into the omlettes. :)


ScubaGirl said...

Hey Jay,
Margo, Calgirl, and Jorge, and my husband and I (ScubaGirl) are looking at booking the Lavezzi 40 with AC next April. I guess that boat must of been ot the last few times we were there.
Could you do me a favor, and take a few pics of the boat and send them to me?
I told Stacey I'm going to book very soon.