Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pueblo Prices

We haven't posted about the food prices in a while so I thought I would put a few items up from the trip to Pueblo yesterday evening.
90z Package of Ham or Turkey (lunch meat) $5.99
Six Lender Soft Bagels $1.99
Gallon of Low Fat 1% Milk $7.39
96oz Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice $7.29
One Dozen Large Eggs $1.95
Sour Cream $2.79
Ripe Bananas 5 about a pound $1.28
Three small vine ripe tomato $3.35
Gallon of Generic Bleach $2.09
Box of Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal $2.87
2 Bars of Dove Soap $4.75
Can of Del Monte Green Beans $1.29
12 Pack of Diet Coke $4.99

It looks like if you were hard up for money you could actually live on Bananas and Eggs as these stand out as the obvious values among the list. I have to say that lunch meat and some of the other staples are significantly cheaper at Cost U Less but sometimes you just don't have the time to take the trip.


Capt RD said...

Deb - buy the tomatoes at the fruit stand on the waterfront that you are passing on your walk - excellent,tasty real tomatoes. If you like hot sauce or honey try theirs too.

Deb & Jay said...

I've thought about taking some money with me and stopping at that stand. It looks like it has some really nice stuff.

Capt RD said...

exercise and shopping all in one - how exciting

heinz said...

I am so glad that your move has worked out as you anticipated. but, that is due to the work that you put into it! Milk in DC is about $4.39/gallon (non-organic), you can find a 12-pk of coke on sale for about $3, eggs are about $1.50.