Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Bye Jim

I went by Hook, Line & Sinker yesterday after my walk to say good bye to Jim. He and Ellen are moving to Florida and I missed their going away party on Sunday, so I wanted a chance to say good bye. When I got there, it was all boarded up. Apparently there had been a small kitchen fire and since they had already planned on closing for Carnival, I guess they decided to go ahead and close early. So no good byes. So Jim if you read this, I wish you and Ellen the best, and we're really going to miss you!

Deb and Jay


ellenlreed said...

Linda and Jay,
Just happened to come across your blog today, and was quite suprised to see a picture of Jim! Thank you for the kind wishes you sent us. We tried florida for 6 months and couldn't find any work. We moved back to California last November. We are doing really well, but we do miss HL&S and all the wonderful people there! So sorry to be responding after so long, but better late than never! :) Thanks again, Ellen (and Jim)

ellenlreed said...

Deb I am so sorry for putting the wrong name!!! I have no idea what I was thinking (apparently nothing!) Well I posted for you and Jay anyway, not for everyone else. Please forgive me! :)

Deb and Jay said...

Hi Ellen! Great to hear from you. Glad you and Jim are doing well. Jim's name comes up every now and then around HL&S. All good, of course. :-) Tell him I said Hi!
Let us know if you ever plan to come back, even if just for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi DEB! See I really do know your name!! :) Jim does leave an impression I have to say! Hope all is well with you and Jay. We will make it down there at some point. Now that we are home vacations revolve around either one of our families! Living in the desert I soooo miss the amazing color of the water, and I have to say even the occasional rooster crowing! Take care!