Monday, April 28, 2008

Day Off Island Style

Well since we spent the previous weekend sailing. We haven't got much done errands wise. So I am off today and it will be a to do list kind of day.

Take Deb to work
Talk to the accountant again about taxes
Go to Sea Chest Hardware (Pool Supplies)
Get the Propane Bottles for the Grill Refilled
Go To Deliver It and get some dive gear out of storage for a Friend
Go To Cost U Less for Groceries
Go To Home Depot for new Vanity (apartment downstairs)
Install The New Vanity
Get the Mail
Pick Up Deb from Work

I am pretty sure work would be easier.


Anonymous said...

It might be easier but I'm sitting at my desk looking out at it snowing so if you need a had let me know.

Robbo said...

i'll second the offer of help. while i'm not looking at snow, they say by the afternoon i might be!