Saturday, April 5, 2008

Joinin' the Gym

Well I finally decided it was time to join the local gym and get out of "vacation" mode. Waiting at Hook, Line & Sinker everyday for Jay to get off from work, is not doing me any favors. So this morning, I got up, put on my work out clothes, filled out my gym application and took Jay to work. I get to the gym and this is what I find........ figures! The gym had been closed for awhile and finally reopened under new management. I guess they haven't worked out the kinks yet. There is another gym somewhere and a Curves, but they're kinda out of the way. This gym was in the perfect location for me to get off from work, go to the gym, then pick up Jay. I'm going to wait until this afternoon and see if they get this thing worked out and try it again. If not, I guess I need to find the other places. Bummer.


Robbo said...

that looks like a huuuge gym, too. what a bummer it was out of business (even if it's only temporarily). if it were me, i'd be drowning my sorrows in a beer or 5

Capt RD said...

Deb - yes it is out of the way for you but the gym by the movies and cost-u-less is an excellent well run facility.

Anonymous said...

If you use that gym at Nisky pay daily or weekly despite the price - they have not had a good track record for a few years now.