Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well....the boat deal or no deal??

So I spent the day on the boat yesterday with a surveyor. It wasn't pretty. I knew the boat needed work and was prepared to a point to take on the tasks, or so I thought. The reality is worse than I thought and we are at the point of washing our hands of the whole thing and starting the search over. I won't go into the details but the boat needs some serious refit work that will require time and money that I don't think I am prepared to put in. We have until tomorrow evening to make a decision so we have some more thinking to do.


Alan & Shelba Arnfast said...

Alan suggests...jump now..too old-bottom line :(

Larry said...

Sorry to hear about your boat luck. I found your site through another I read about St. John to keep up with what is happening while were away from the island living our real life in the states. Sometimes better things come along when you wait for them.I can say this but my wife would say I can give the advice but don't really live by it.

Hope thing work out and you find the boat that you really want.


Tommy Dog said...

At least you are knowledgable enough to approach it sensibly and patiently. I'm interested in hearing the results and how they compare to the sales pitch.

Capt Doug said...

Jay -You are a boat guy - so go with the gut feeling about this one.

Ken said...


Remember the Island Car Toyota, sounds to me the happy day would be the day you sold it...Keep saving more money and another one will come along soon. Dont forget to keep looking in FL too, saw some good deals there.

Anonymous said...

Keep looking - I know it can be frustrating but the wait for the "right" boat will be sooooo worth it.
Don't forget to look in Puerto Rico as well :)

See you both Sunday I hope