Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Car Family Again AKA Island Car is Gone

Old Car
New Car

So we sold the Island Car yesterday. For those of you taking notes there is a saying that free boats are never free. Well cheap cars are never cheap. As you know our original plan was to buy a "cheap" car for cash when we got here and not have a car payment and keep tings simple. Well that just didn't work out to well. The car cost more per month to keep running than the payment on the new car. The new car also came with the added benefit of not having to spend my time off changing alternators and wheel bearings and batteries and transmission solenoids, well you get the picture. So what we have learned is that we lost more money on this cheap car than I did on my first boat. If you know anything about boats this tells you something. So lesson learned is that if we had it to do over again we would have bought a new or newer car when we got here or we should have taken advantage of our contacts in the states and bought and shipped a late model SUV prior to moving.


PS the new car has been great. The only time we have had it back to the dealer was to pick up the tags.


Anonymous said...

did not know if you knew it but Chesters sternwheel boat sank last Saturday at the Levee
here is a link to pics I took when they were raising her on Monday

CA Girl said...

Now that I finally have your blog bookmarked, I'm keeping up with you guys! Congrats on the new ride! :)