Saturday, June 6, 2009

Road to Neltjeberg

Ok, let me tell you that you definitely need 4-wheel drive to safely get to Neltjeberg. It was a crazy drive! There are sections that are poured concrete but the biggest part is a rough dirt road with boulders, ruts, drop offs, you name it. And to me, it wasn't that great of a beach to be worth the drive down. There are beaches that are much more beautiful and have easy access. I wasn't too crazy about the permanent shelters that were set up with people sleeping in them. And the sand was dirty, it had black stuff in it so after walking down the beach your feet are covered in black sand. The plus is that overall it is a pretty beach, and you have it pretty much to yourself (except for the people sleeping in the shelters). So, I'm glad I went and I would go again if someone offered to take me in a big monster truck but not my top pick of St. Thomas beaches.


Brad and Kimmie said...

That road looks like something out of WV!!! Except we don't have the awesome beaches at the end of the road.

CA Girl said...

Those shelters on the beach are a little creepy. And if you have to go through all that just to end up with black stuff on your feet, I think I'd stick to those easier to get to beaches you mentioned! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your post. My husband and I visited Neltjeberg while honeymooning on the advice of a local and we had a similar experience. Even in our rented jeep, we had some trouble and it did start to rain a bit making the dirt road quite slippery on the way back up. We still laugh that we thought it was a practical joke someone played on us, because although it's pretty and very private, it's dirty, buggy, it smell fishy, and it's a bit scary! Later on, a bartender told us we were "very brave" for treading on that territory. ??!!