Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Boat

We went to look at another boat yesterday. This one is a Pearson Sloop 35'. It had a total refit in 2007 but has basically been sitting since. So some things will need to be redone and also some things that were missed. Jay looked it over pretty good but wants to go back for a closer look and maybe with a second pair of eyes. The owner is a pilot and is not around much so thats why its been just sitting, but he has meticulous records on what was done. He's pretty motivated to sell since we are coming into storm season and he won't be around, so with the list of repairs that Jay is coming up with, maybe we can get him to come down on price. So we will see.


Tommy Dog said...

I've seen that boat listed and was curious about how to pronounce the name... Is it Goose-driver or Goosed-river? It's been on the market for a while, he should be ready to DEAL.... Good Luck

Deb and Jay said...

The name is Goose Driver. The owner is a pilot and used to fly a plane here called a Goose? So he got the nickname.

We didn't make an offer on the boat. It needed too much work. It has a Centerboard keel which is damaged, plus lots of other things. When friends of ours heard it was a centerboard, they told us to run away! :-)

Capt Doug said...

I have sailed 1000's of NM on a Pearson 35 - lots of blue water - The centerboard design itself should not be a dealbreaker - actually it is a big plus here in the VI - but if it needs too much work on the vessel in general that is a different story.
The "Goose" refers to the Grumman aircraft - used by Antilles Airboats here before Seaborne.

Anonymous said...

I purchased this boat in 2012 and had done mayor repairs and upgrades. Fine sailboat!