Saturday, June 6, 2009


Silvia and I decided to be adventurous today and find Neltjeberg. We had some people tell us that you need a hummer to get down there and others said it's not that bad and well worth it. So we decided to give it a try in Silvia's little Suzuki Aerio. Not a four wheeling type of car but what the heck.

First we took the wrong road down the hill and had to call a coworker for directions. She gave us some details on how to find the road that included looking for a sign that says "private property thief will be shot"...nice. There is also a car port with junk cars with tarps over them and a ratty house with flags. So were not getting a warn fuzzy feeling about finding this place. But we go for it anyway.

So we find the right road and start heading down. It's not that bad at first so we continue. Then there is a section that's paved so we thought this is going to be easy. Then the rough part starts. Rough road with huge rocks protruding, trenches, drop offs, you name it. We kept saying what in the heck have we got ourselves into. Then we'd hit another section of paved road so we thought we were in the clear. So this repeats several times but we finally make it to the beach...,whew!

It is a pretty beach but don't think I'll go through that again unless we have a big monster truck! All i know is I hope we can get back up the road when it's time to leave. If it rains we're screwed! I'll report back once we make it back up the hill....keep your fingers crossed!

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