Monday, June 15, 2009

Today is the day

Well, today Jay is heading over to St. John with the surveyor to inspect the boat from top to bottom. He is supposed to call me throughout the day and give me updates. I hope they don't find anything major that would break the deal. He is taking the camera and promises to take a bunch more pics. He's also supposed to get the current name of the boat, because neither one of us can remember what it is. I just remember saying that name had to go so we've been trying to come up with names. We're thinking "de Life" to go along with our blog name. If you have any cool suggestions, leave a comment. Maybe if your boat name is picked, then you can join us for an afternoon of sailing once everything is done.... provided you are already here on island! :-)

On the way back from Red Hook this afternoon, Jay is going to stop at Independent Boat Yard to see when they will be able to haul the boat out for a bottom inspection and then set up some time for the boat to be cleaned and bottom painted, plus a few other odds and ends. The current owner said he could sail it over during the day and we could meet him at the boat yard in the afternoon. I think it would be better for Jay to take the day off and sail with the guy just so he could check everything out during the sail over. We'll just have to see what everyone's schedule looks like and see what can be worked out. But, first things first. Get through today's inspection and see where to go from there. Keep your fingers crossed! :-)


sarasotafoocarecenter said...

I would go with "Live de Life"

Capt Doug said...

Great news on the boat -- Be Sure to look up and follow the' rename the boat ceremony ' -- it may be a superstition but why tempt the Sea Gods.
Can't wait to see her out there with you at the helm.

Harry said...

You are free to use the name that adorned the transom of several of mine... "Loose Change"...because when I had the boat I never had any