Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A/C WooHoo!!

Tonight will be the first time since we've moved on island that we'll have A/C while we're sleeping! WooHoo!! The first place we lived wasn't able to have A/C because it didn't have real windows, just screens and shutters. Although the owners have put in windows and A/C since we moved out, nice huh. Anyway, the airflow in the new place is OK in the living room / kitchen area but the bedroom is on the back of the house so not so good in there. Plus the back of the house is up against a very heavily wooded area so the "critter" noise at night is driving me crazy. Between the crickets, frogs, birds, and the occasional dog, I feel like having a Dr. Doolittle moment and sticking my head out the window and screaming "SHUT UP!" I know most people like the woodsy noise, but I'm a very light sleeper so it doesn't do much for me. So tonight the windows will be shut, the A/C will be on which will drown out the critter noise, and I plan on having it cold enough that I need a blanket !!


Capt Doug said...

Looks like a fairly us know how the WAPA bill turns out - love the frogs ,hate the dogs[or their thoughtless owners]

CA Girl said...

You mean you own a blanket??

Deb and Jay said...

CA Girl - hahaha, actually we do. Believe it or not, last "winter" it was chilly at night where we lived before so I'm hoping the new place is like that!