Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boat Soon Come

Well, if you haven't heard yet, we bought a boat! WooHoo! Well, it's not quite official, but pretty much a done deal. Jay found the boat listed on Ebay and it was located in STJ for a great price. So Jay, myself and Doug (a coworker at CYOA) went over to check it out. Jay and Doug went over everything , Jay even snorkeled around the perimeter to check out the hull, and they both had a pretty good feeling about the boat. It's a 1979 Ericson 39. But before you freak over the age, it had a total refit in 2002, new engine, refrigeration, sails, etc. There are still several things that need replaced or repaired and it needs a good cleaning, but overall, it looks like it's going to be a great boat.

On Monday, Jay and a surveyor will be going back over to go over everything again. If that goes well, then the current owner will sail it over to STT Tuesday or Wednesday to one of the boat yards (haven't decided yet which one) to have it hauled out so that the bottom can be inspected. If that goes well, then the boat is all ours. Jay doesn't expect to find anything he doesn't already know about, so lets hope he's right. Since it will out of the water already, we will keep it at the boat yard to have the bottom cleaned and painted. We may do a few other things as well. But the yard said they weren't busy yet, so it should be done in less than a week. So if all goes well we could be boating by the last weekend of the month. WooHoo!

As you can tell, I'm not excited about this at all. We've only been wanting a boat since we moved here almost a year and half ago! Since we're coming into the slow season, maybe Jay will have some time to start working on it right away. It's ready to sail as is, after a little cleaning that is, but we still would like to get a few of the items checked off the list before we really start using it.

Before you ask, it's not going to be a live aboard. Just for fun, weekend trips, etc. The way it's laid out it only sleeps four comfortably. There is a v-berth and two opposing settees in the salon. There is a quarter berth in the aft, but it's so small that the previous owner used it as storage, so that's probably what we will do also. Currently there are two sea berths above the settees in the salon that we are going to get rid of. We're going to move the seat backs further back to make the settees larger and more comfortable. Of course, this is one of the items on the list that doesn't have to be done right away.

So stay tuned for more pics and updates as we go through the process of bringing this Ericson 39 back to life!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new boat, the day you buy it, it will be one of the two best days of owning it! I can't wait for the next chapter of trials and tribultaions and new adventures!

Ken said...

Sorry that was me Ken who posted!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! That's a beautiful boat! Hopefully you'll take me for a sail the next time I make it down there! LOL! :)

P.S. This is me, Margo... apparently I forgot my password.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic guy's - many congratulations :)


Linda said...

What a wonderful dream...coming true for you...wishing you much pleasure and fine weather in the sailing.