Friday, June 6, 2008

Relay for Life Update

Well, it doesn't look like ACS is going to get the St. Thomas event online tools up and running anytime soon. They got the event listed, but not the ability to donate online. So, If you are interested in sponsoring me for the walk (pretty please) and donating to a worthy cause, send me an email and I will send you the mailing address to mail a check. I can then mail you a receipt for tax deduction purposes. They have been doing this walk for years and have raised lots of money for ACS that stays here in the VI. But, it really surprises me that they've never checked into getting the online tools made available which would help the fund raising abilities tremendously. I guess next year I will have to get more involved and maybe be on the committee to oversee the online activities.
Thanks for your support.
BTW - I guess I should have mentioned that the walk is June 21, so that doesn't leave much time. So open your hearts and your checkbooks, but quickly :-)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you set up a paypal account for the funds? That would work for you wouldn't it?

Deb & Jay said...

thats a great idea, I never thought about that. We already have a PalPay account because of all the eBay stuff we've done. I will look into it. Thanks.